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recycle machineWaste diversion, sometimes referred to as landfill diversion, is the effort and process of trying to keep waste from ending up in a landfill. It’s an environmentally-conscious initiative where virtually everyone can play a role. Waste diversion is accomplished in 3 ways:

  1. Reduce the amount of waste you create
  2. Reuse materials whenever possible
  3. Recycle the waste you’re unable to reuse

Waste diversion is an important part of creating green communities and working toward a more sustainable future. That’s our business – M&M Disposal is in the business of waste diversion. With the help of our customers, we divert as much waste as possible from the local landfill sites.

  • Construction and demolition waste is sorted manually as well as by machine
  • Cardboard and paper goes to pulp mills
  • Plastic gets recycled
  • Clean wood is ground into chips and used for biomass energy
  • Concrete is used for clean fill
  • Scrap metal is sent to various local scrap dealers to be recycled

We’re even a member of the Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS), a tire recycling program that diverts tires away from burning and landfills. We’re classified as an approved collector and hauler. We deliver tire to other OTS-approved processors where they’re recycled and reused as blasting mats, crumb-rubber flooring for playgrounds, rubber mulch and more.

M&M Disposals is one of the largest local companies engaged in waste/landfill diversion. We divert 20,000+ tonnes of waste per year from the local landfill sites.

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  • Peterborough
  • Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield
  • Cavan-Monaghan
  • Douro-Dummer
  • Galway-Cavendish & Harvey
  • North Kawartha
  • Otonabee-South Monaghan
  • Asphodel & Norwood
  • Havelock Belmont Metheun


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